Boundary by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric FlintThe find was made by a teenager. A “funny fossil” no one had seen before out in the middle of the Arizona desert. And right in the middle of controversy: the strangely shaped fossil could help explain one of the greatest mysteries of Earth’s past, the great die-off at the KT boundary. It warranted a big dig, one that could lead to the mother lode, and professional immortality. But what Dr. Helen Sutter didn’t realize was that it would take her all the way to Mars…

In Boundary, Eric Flint and I were attempting to write a classic "scientific adventure" story of the sort that Arthur C. Clarke did in Rendezvous With Rama, and infuse it with the fun and energy that Heinlein put into his best YA novels (Have Spacesuit Will Travel, Space Cadet, Citizen of the Galaxy, etc.). Here you won't find villains, just scientists and heroes whose adversary is not a person, but the dangers of the world around them.

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