Digital Knight


Digital Knight by Ryk E. SpoorWhen information specialist Jason Wood finds that a suspected drug kingpin doesn't appear on photographs, he decides to investigate, for he has reason to think that the kingpin is actually a vampire. But things don't turn out to be that simple, and Wood finds himself in grave danger from the last person he would have suspected. Trying to survive in a bizarre night world, Wood learns not only that vampires exist, but that they are part of a universe far stranger than he ever imagined...

Digital Knight is a "fix-up" of six novellettes/novellas – "Gone in a Flash," "Lawyers, Ghouls, and Mummies," "Photo Finish," "Viewed in a Harsh Light," "Live and Let Spy" and "Mirror Image" – three of which were written in the late 1980s to early 1990s and the other three written in early 2002. As such it is somewhat rougher than my later works and I intend to rewrite it at some point to smooth out the joins and add in material which should have been included but wasn't because my universe was still evolving when I wrote the first stories. I will also probably add in two other Jason Wood stories – "Shadow of Fear" and "Trial Run" – to make the new book, tentatively titled Paradigms Lost, worth getting even for those who might have purchased/read Digital Knight.

 My epic fantasy novel, Phoenix Rising, takes place in the same universe as Digital Knight, but they are on two different worlds (Digital Knight on Earth, Phoenix Rising on Zarathan).

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