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Boundary by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric Flint









This is a sketch done by my wife Kathleen of the reconstruction of Bemmius Secrodii from the fossils found by Dr. Helen Sutter

Bemmius Secordii

Bemmius Secordii








The Nike (original)

Boundary required me to invent a ship capable of making the round-trip journey to Mars, and doing it quickly, in months, not years. This led me to the nuclear-rocket powered Nike. The original sketch below was done entirely by me, using Visio; I'm not much of an artist but I can use Visio fairly well.

 Original sketch for the Nike

 The Nike (Keith Morrison)

Keith Morrison has generously donated his time, and creative vision, to more than one of my books. Boundary was the first, and here he demonstrated his incredible talent for taking something from a rough sketch and my concepts and turning it into reality so clear that I almost think I can touch it.

This first image is Morrison's Nike as she departs from Earth orbit -- the moment that Nicholas Glendale watched from below.

USIS Nike departs Earth Orbit, engines flaring


The second image here is Keith's vision of Nike arriving, after months, at Mars, the Red Planet looming dead ahead of the Earth vessel.

Nike's arrival at Mars, with Valles Marineris visible