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Grand Central Arena Cover (Stephen Hickman)

Grand Central Arena by Ryk E. Spoor



Grand Central Arena Character and Alien Sketches


By Morineko-Zion 

Morineko-Zion is the professional nom de plume of a good friend of my wife Kathleen. Morineko is also, as you will see, an extremely talented artist, especially in drawing manga/anime style portraits, even of people and creatures that don't exist. As I often envisioned Grand Central Arena as an anime when I was writing it, you can imagine how happy I was to see some of those visions coming to life. 

Captain Ariane Austin:

Captain Ariane Austin, Leader of Humanity



Doctor Simon Sandrisson:

Dr. Simon Sakuraba Sandrisson, inventor of the Sandrisson Drive


Doctor Marc C. DuQuesne:

Dr. Marc C. DuQuesne, Hyperion


Orphan of the Liberated:

Orphan of the Liberated, the Survivor


Nyanthus of the Faith (Design based on work by Lexomatic)

Nyanthus of the Faith, First of the Initiate Guides


Selpa'A'At of the Vengeance (Based on a design by Lexomatic)


Selpa'A'At, Swordmaster First of the Vengeance


Dajzail of the Molothos (Based on a design by Lexomatic):


Dajzail, Leader of the Faction of the Molothos



 Sun Wu Kung, the Hyperion Monkey King


Sun Wu Kung relaxing



Sun Wu Kung angry