Grand Central Arena World & Characters

Picture of Captain Ariane Austin, head and shoulders view, by Morineko-Zion

Ariane Austin, by Morineko-Zion

Main Characters

Captain Ariane Stephanie Austin

Tall (6’2″), with an athletic build and deep blue hair and blue eyes, Ariane Austin was a racing pilot in the Unlimited Space Racing League – one of the best, known for her precision flying and courage – some would say recklessness – in one of the most competitive and dangerous sports mankind had ever invented. Unlike most people in her era, Ariane does not have an implanted AISage (artificial intelligence companion and assistant), carrying her extremely powerful AISage, Mentor, in an external casing. As one of the best racers, she was a natural choice for a backup pilot when Dr. Simon Sandrisson found he needed a human as a backstop for the usually infallible AI pilots common in 2375. And when everything went wrong, she went from a placeholder to the most vital member of the crew. With the other crewmembers suffering trauma from the loss of their lifelong AI supports, she was the one to take command… as they discovered that the Sandrisson Drive had brought them somewhere they had never imagined. Playful, impulsive, and fiercely loyal, Ariane finds herself forced into the role of Captain in

Picture of Dr. Sandrisson, head and shoulder view, by Morineko-Zion

Dr. Simon Sakuraba Sandrisson, by Morineko-Zion

a universe that has completely changed.

Doctor Simon Sakuraba Sandrisson

Slender, elegant, and as tall as Ariane, Dr. Simon Sandrisson’s long, pure-white hair and brilliant green eyes make him a striking figure in any company; his usual garb is also white and cut to echo the classic lab coat of earlier years. Dr. Sandrisson invented the mathematical and physical theory behind a possible faster-than-light drive, and developed what he believed was a practical stardrive from it. Getting permission for a test using live crewmembers, he gathered the members of the Holy Grail‘s crew from some of the best the solar system had to offer, and readied the ship for a short flight to demonstrate the capabilities of the Sandrisson Drive. But even all his theoretical calculations had not prepared him for the Arena. Usually calm and detached in manner, Simon Sandrisson’s upper-crust British accent hides a subtle sense of humor and a romantic heart.

Doctor Marc C. DuQuesne

Picture of DuQuesne head-and-shoulder view buy Morineko-Zion

Marc C.  DuQuesne, by Morineko-Zion

Immense – standing slightly over six feet eight inches tall and weighing well over four hundred pounds – and with jet black hair, eyes, and a devilish pointed beard, Marc DuQuesne is a master power engineer with experience in all forms of energy generation, storage, and transmission, and considerable skill in other areas of engineering and science. His past is a mysterious blank to those who probe too far, and when DuQuesne finds himself in the Arena, he is forced to reveal the secrets of that past to those he has come to think of as friends… and hope that the revelation will not drive them away. Dry of wit and frighteningly omnicompetent, Marc DuQuesne can also be the rock others lean on, if they can trust him.