Mountain Magic/Diamonds Are Forever World & Characters

The World of Diamonds Are Forever

 (slightly spoilery)

The short novel Diamonds Are Forever takes place in a world that is, at least on the surface, like our own. But beneath the surface -- literally beneath, in the case of this story! -- there are things stranger than our science has ever imagined. Long, long before our recorded history there was another age, one in which humanity and other, more mystical, species lived together, laughed together, fought together, built together. That era ended disastrously, and so complete was the devastation of our own people that echoes of that era only live on in confused and contradictory myths and legends.

But some of the beings of that ancient past still exist, and while some are content to live and work out of our sight and senses, a few have grown angry at our expansion and the way in which this is beginning to intrude on their lives. They intend to put a stop to it... and they have the power to do so.

Some people have asked whether Diamonds Are Forever is in the same universe as Digital Knight/Paradigms Lost. The answer is that we did not plan for that to be the case, but I did, rather deliberately, design the story so that it would not be terribly hard for me to make  it fit into that universe, if that ever became desirable.


The Characters of Diamonds Are Forever

The major characters of Diamonds Are Forever include both human and not-so-human beings... who are still, quite definitely, people.

  • Clinton Jefferson Slade. Clinton or "Clint" Slade, nicknamed "Crowbar" in college, is the first scion of the venerable Slade clan to graduate from college. This doesn't mean his family's entirely uneducated or stupid -- far from it! -- but he's the first to take his formal education to that level. His education and training combined with his backwoods raising make him both technically skilled and physically capable. Slightly over average height, brown-haired, and rangy, Clint's engaged, but he has to keep a secret from his bride-to-be...
  • Jodi Goldman. Almost a living fossil of the New York Jewish population, Jodi was raised in an old-fashioned, wealthy environment which, nonetheless, did not spoil her. An expert computer programmer, Jodi's also very pretty, with long black hair, dark eyes, and an athletic build; she's sensitive about her nose, which is slightly large, but proud of her accent and her Yiddish, which she sprinkles liberally through her conversations. Jodi's possibly smarter than Clint, and is not easy to fool, which means of course that Clint's attempts to keep a lid on the family secret fails miserably.
  • Mamma Slade: "Mamma"may not be her name, but that's what everyone calls her. The matriarch of the Slade clan, Mamma Bea married into the Slades but became more of a Slade than some born to the name. Plays the simple country matron well, but is sharp as a barrel full of tacks; her hobbies include Master-level chess in addition to her addition to the old Dark Shadows supernatural soap opera.
  • Rokhaset. Ruler of the Nowëthada -- the "People of Nowë" -- Rokhaset's actual name is more a concept, and even translated is very long and hard to pronounce, so he tolerates the drastically shortened version. Quite short, no more than five feet tall, Rokhaset is a being of living stone and crystal with various powers which might as well be called magic. Nonetheless, he is still subject to many limitations, some of which are crucial weaknesses when contesting with human beings. He demonstrates a dry sense of humor and a broad tolerance of the oddities of the world. Once communication is established and he understands the nature of human beings (and they, in turn, begin to understand him a bit), he is more than willing to break off the siege of the Slade compound.