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Polychrome: The Soundtrack

When I write my books, I often compile a soundtrack of music that inspires me or brings to mind particular scenes, characters, or events. For Polychrome I ended up with quite an extensive one, some of which were integral to my writing of certain scenes. Here is the soundtrack list in its final form!
Run For Your Life: Opening theme from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis. An interesting game, and a tune that I originally wasn't sure I liked, but it ended up getting stuck in my head. Now I envision an entire anime-style opening for Polychrome when I hear it. If only I was an animator...

Opening Music, FFXII: Final Fantasy has often had lovely music; this opening for FF12 is no exception. For Polychrome, it evinces first the beauty and peace of Ozma's Oz, a place of wonder and marvels and safety... and then segues into the march of armies, and finally ending with a few notes of hope.

Darkness: Oz under the heel of its conquerors. Taken from Dirge of Cerberus -- one of the best overall game soundtracks ever made.

A Storm's Coming: The time of the Prophecy is come, and finally the Lord of Rainbows begins to act. From Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. No link because it appears all copies of the soundtrack have been removed from YouTube. Unfortunate. This is a very short piece, either the first or second track on the album.

Prologue Movie, Final Fantasy Tactics: Polychrome prepares, and then races across the skies, pursued by Tempests, until finally she reaches the great towering clouds that show the way to the Hero.

Angel: Erik Medon beholds Polychrome for the first time. From the superb anime series The Vision of Escaflowne.

The Doctor's Theme -- Season 4: Alone in the night, Erik searches desperately... and in a last-moment burst of inspiration, finds the key to wonder in the glory of a city at night. From Doctor Who, the 4th season.

The Seeker of the Prophecy: Erik Medon rises to a new day, prepares himself, and begins the final climb to the summit of the Mountain of the Heavens. From The Forbidden Kingdom.

Into the Undiscovered Ocean: Polychrome leads the Hero down the Rainbow, and Erik Medon enters Faerie to begin his true quest. From Star Ocean 3: To the End of Time.

Totoro Theme II: Welcome to Pingaree, the island kingdom watched over by the Sea Fairies. From My Neighbor Totoro, one of Miyazaki's finest works. Unfortunately, all versions of this song appear to have been removed from YouTube. It's a soundtrack worth getting if you can find it, though.

Super Strength: Kaliko is impressed by Erik's survival of his gantlet, but has one more test: how will he rescue Princess Zenga from a seemingly unstoppable trap? "She doesn't need ME to save her." The supernal power of the Blue Pearl versus the steam-engine power of the Nome Kingdom! From Two Steps from Hell: Invincible.

Into the Wilderness/Wild Arms: Now with companions to help him, Erik is prepared to face the final leg of his travels. From the original Wild Arms videogame for the Playstation.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Erik begins his journey across the Deadly Desert. From the classic Western of the same name.

One of the Living: His ship destroyed, with twenty miles or more to Oz, Erik must walk through the deadliest land in Faerie to reach his final goal... if he can live that long. From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Remember Us: Polychrome stands before the Armies of Faerie, and in speaking to them, finds her true voice, calling forth their courage and will, to stand against a force that may destroy them all. From the movie 300.

The Battle: The Armies of Faerie, led by Polychrome, Erik, Ruggedo, Nimbus, and Zenga, confront the Armies of the Usurpers in the battle for Oz. From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the first of the Narnia motion pictures.

The Greatest Story Never Told: The stage is set and the final act begins; first Erik bargains with the Usurpers for the lives of his friends, and especially Polychrome. "If only she is safe." With the word sworn, the ritual begins (at about 1:47), with Amanita Verdant closing in with the chanting of her spirits. The blade is raised, and driven down -- but not into its true target; at 2:50, Erik Medon cradles the dying Princess of the Rainbow in his arms and realizes too late that what he felt, she shared. Ugu stays Amanita's hand so that she might prepare anew, and lets the two have their single kiss (at 4:11). Polychrome breathes her last with a final command to Erik, who asks how he can do that, when they have just ripped out his... And comes to the true realization of what the prophecy means (4:57). "Come," says Ugu. "Let us end it." "Oh, we'll end this, all right," Erik whispers, at 5:17, "but not the way you think." He calls upon the power of Ozma, in the name of a mortal man bathed in his heart's blood, and is answered. "Ward thyself, Amanita; THIS is our moment of reckoning!" From Doctor Who Season 4.

Stigmata: The Pyramid is shattered and from it Ozma emerges; her sympathy is rejected by Erik, who fears it will destroy all the control he has left. "For now... FINISH THIS." The Final Battle is joined, from the first testing of powers to the final fall of Amanita Verdant. "You are... already dead." Final battle music from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

The Vth Vanguard: Erik confronts Ugu, but cannot kill a helpless man; and thus releases the power of Ozma, and Oz is reborn. Opening music from Wild Arms 5.

Love's Theme: "The hero deserves at least ONE wish, don't you think?" And Erik is reunited with Polychrome. Yes, it's a cheesy 70s tune, but a very pretty one I think. I was surprised to also find there are orchestral versions that aren't as cheesy, but not uploaded -- and somehow none of them quite capture the spirit of the original, despite the waka-waka guitar in the background.

Experts of Justice: The Kingdom of the Rainbow and all her allies are assembled as Polychrome and Erik are married before the very eyes of the Above. From the magnificent OVA series Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still.


Polychrome Images

First, we look at our favorite Faerie Princess, Polychrome herself! This, and the succeeding images, were created by Morineko-Zion!

Polychrome dancing down the Rainbow.

Polychrome dancing down the Rainbow.

And here she is in a more... martial mood!

Polychrome in full armor charging through the air, sword drawn.

Polychrome charging through the air in the Armor of the Above.