Polychrome World & Characters

Mortal and Faerie

The world of Polychrome is really two worlds: one is the world we know, the Mortal World -- ordinary, mundane, familiar. The other, however, is the world of Faerie, and in particular of Fairyland as envisioned by L. Frank Baum... if Baum had possessed, perhaps, a bit more concern for internal consistency and decided to write for an older audience.

In Polychrome I have attempted to take the world shown to us in Baum's Oz novels and distill from it the essence of what made Oz work -- and then build upon that, while staying as true as practical to the world Baum designed. Someday, I hope to make my own map of my own version of Faerie, but one can get a good idea by checking out the various maps of Oz that are available, such as the one seen here.

Oz is a generally rectangular land, in the middle of an impassable, and mystically poisonous, desert. It is also protected by a barrier that prevents any ordinary entrance to the area. Within, the Land of Oz is divided into four main countries -- the Munchkin, Gillikin, Winkie, and Quadling countries, with the Emerald City at the point where all four intersect. Normally, Oz is ruled by Princess or Queen Ozma, with the individual countries having their own rulers that acknowledge Ozma as supreme. Each country has a "theme" color which shows in the hues of vegetation and other objects in the country -- blue for the Munchkin, purple for the Gillikin, yellow for the Winkie, and red for the Quadling country. While this is a theme color, it is not utterly predominant (as some of the Oz books implied) but is more a marker than anything else, and -- in my interpretation of the universe -- is also symbolic.

Beyond the Deadly Desert are other Fairylands, most prominently the Land of Ev and the Nome Kingdom, along with Gilgad. There are numerous other realms surrounding Oz, but many of them bear relatively little resemblance to the ones that Baum devised, and none of them featured significantly in Polychrome.

All of Faerie is surrounded by the Nonestic Ocean, itself a part of Faerie which can sometimes contact the Mortal world under some conditions. Normally, however, Faerie is separate from the Mortal World, and those who cross the boundaries nearly always have some faerie blood in their background, enough to make it possible for them to connect with the rare beings or powers that occasionally intersect with the Mortal world.

By the end of Polychrome, however, this is about to change...