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The  eARC for Castaway Planet is now available In addition, the Audible audiobook of Phoenix Rising and for Paradigms Lost are both now available!


REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: Phoenix in Shadow snippets begin with the villain’s Prologue, then Chapter 1 looks in on another, more conflicted character, while in Polychrome we get a second glimpse at an important point of view and then Erik Medon arrives at Pingaree in Second Vision/Chapter 27!! Last two weeks:  Chapter 17 of Castaway Planet shows that nights are not always quiet, and Sakura’s explorations lead to excitement in Chapter 18! Then, in Chapter 26 of Polychrome, we see what King Ugu and Queen Amanita have been up to!  Sakura does some work in Chapter 15 of Castaway Planet, and there’s some interesting discoveries in Chapter 16 after their short panic at the end of the prior chapter; then, in Chapter 25 of Polychrome, Erik finds that ocean voyages don’t have to be boring! 

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