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REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: In Paradigms Lost Chapter 44, Jason makes a call and has a new inspiration, while in Chapter 3 of Castaway Planet, our protagonists have to deal with things gone very wrong!; then in Chapter 45 of Paradigms Lost, we find out why Verne’s been ill, and in Castaway Planet, Chapter 4, they are searching for a place to go. Last two weeks:   Chapter 2 of Castaway Planet gives us a new protagonist and a new problem, while Jason has a mysterious benefactor in Chapter 43 of Paradigms Lost; we began snippeting the new novel in the Boundaryverse, Castaway Planet, with Chapter 1, in which we meet our first protagonist! Then, in Paradigms Lost, Chapter 42 shows Jason getting a new idea to help his friend Verne!, and in Chapter 18 of Polychrome, Erik Medon completes a task set him by Iris. Last two weeks: In Paradigms Lost,  Chapter 40 shows Jason doing some sleuthing, and in Chapter 41 they discuss his discovery and Jason makes a long-delayed admission, while in Polychrome Chapter 17, Iris Mirabilis makes a decision.

If you don’t really know who I am and got here by chance, I’m Ryk E. Spoor; click the “About Ryk E. Spoor” tab if you want way too much info on me. I’m a science-fiction and fantasy writer with, at present, eight published novels and four more under contract plus one — Polychrome — successfully Kickstarted and planned for release in November. Take a look around!

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