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I am now looking for a new agent! Interested parties, or those with suggestions, can contact me through my contact page.

Baen has contracted with me for a THIRD Arenaverse novel, tentatively titled Challenges of the Deeps!

Updated word processor and updated site!

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REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week:  A grim reminder of danger in Chapter 26 of Paradigms Lost., and in Chapter 27, someone makes Jason an offer he can’t refuse. Last two weeks: Things get stickier in Chapter 24 of Paradigms Lost, more complications ensue in Chapter 25 with a new character added to the mix, Erik learns more about the trouble he’s gotten into in Chapter 9 of Polychrome, Jason Wood’s gathering info in Chapter 22 of Paradigms Lost, I posted Chapter 23, the shortest chapter in the novel, and Chapter 8 of Polychrome, getting us off that cliffhanger I left you on in Chapter 6!

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