The eARC (electronic Advance Reader's Copy) of Phoenix Ascendant is now available, for those who can't wait!
The French Translation of Grand Central Arena is available from L'Atalante, along with an interview in both French and English versions!
Polychrome is here! In addition to the Kindle link there, Polychrome is available as a Trade Paperback, on Barnes and Noble, on Smashwords, and as a very fancy hardcover with dustjacket on Lulu!
REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: Kyri is in terrible peril in Chapter 25 of Phoenix Ascendant,  and in Chapter 26 we end the snippets of Phoenix Ascendant on a cliffhanger! Last two weeks: A battle with surprises in Chapter 22 of Phoenix Ascendant, then in Chapter 23, asking questions leads to a terrible discovery, and in Chapter 24, they must decide how to deal with Tashriel; previously,  Poplock and Tobimar do some research and have an important secret discussion in Chapter 19 of Phoenix Ascendant, then in Chapter 20 the mystery deepens, and in Chapter 21 we end with something of a cliffhanger! 
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