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Hugo Season is here! My eligible works are Paradigms Lost and "Bait and Switch"; this is the full list of eligible Baen books.
The eARC for Phoenix in Shadow is now available!
Castaway Planet is now available in both hardcover and Kindle editions! My Audible offerings now include the whole Boundary series!

REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: Kyri and the others arrive in time to prevent mob justice in Chapter 26 of Phoenix in Shadow, and unravel the mystery in Chapter 27, and in Chapter 28, Miri deals with the consequences! That's the last chapter I'm posting -- next week, we start my regular columns again! Last two weeks: Hiriista puts Kyri on the spot in Chapter 23 of Phoenix in Shadow, then we see what Aran, the Condor, is up to in Chapter 24, while in Chapter 25 our heroes start a new adventure; We get a new point of view in Chapter 20 of Phoenix in Shadow,  and in Chapter 21, Kyri and the others head out on the next leg of their adventure, and in Chapter 22, they have a revealing conversation with Hiriista!   

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