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REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: The final chapter I’m going to post of Paradigms Lost, Chapter 46, wraps up Jason’s third major adventure, and takes us slightly less than halfway through the book; meanwhile, in Castaway Planet Chapter 5, the Kimeis and Whips finally arrive in the mysterious solar system. Then on Wednesday, they search for a habitable world in Chapter 6, while on Friday, in Chapter 20 of Polychrome, we look in on our villain Ugu and see what he’s planning! Last two weeks: In Paradigms Lost Chapter 44, Jason makes a call and has a new inspiration, while in Chapter 3 of Castaway Planet, our protagonists have to deal with things gone very wrong!; then in Chapter 45 of Paradigms Lost, we find out why Verne’s been ill;  in Castaway Planet, Chapter 4, they are searching for a place to go, and in Polychrome, Chapter 19, Erik Medon finally sets out on his grand Adventure;   Chapter 2 of Castaway Planet gives us a new protagonist and a new problem, while Jason has a mysterious benefactor in Chapter 43 of Paradigms Lost.

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