Challenges of the Deeps eARC is now available from Baen! If you really, really want to know What Happens Next, there it is!
REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week, we're continuing snippets of Challenges of the Deeps, the new Arenaverse novel: In Chapter 26, we find out what's got Oasis so worried, in Chapter 27, we learn what Vindatri had Orphan watching for, and in Chapter 28, Simon makes a very important discovery! Last two weeks: In Chapter 23, DuQuesne and Vindatri have words, in Chapter 24, Ariane faces someone from her past, and in Chapter 25, we look in on our adversaries! Earlier, in Chapter 20, the Deeps show why they are dangerous, in Chapter 21, Simon goes from one meeting to a very different kind of meeting, and in Chapter 22, Wu Kung and the others finally arrive at Vindatri's home!   
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