Polychrome is here! In addition to the Kindle link there, Polychrome is available as a Trade Paperback, on Barnes and Noble, on Smashwords, and as a very fancy hardcover with dustjacket on Lulu!

REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  Currently I am having some significant family issues and am focused on completing Challenges of the Deeps, the third Arenaverse novel. There will thus be a few weeks without blog posts from me; I'll see if I can locate some guest posters.
If you don't really know who I am and got here by chance, I'm Ryk E. Spoor; click the "About Ryk E. Spoor" tab if you want way too much info on me. I'm a science-fiction and fantasy writer with, at present, twelve published novels and four more under contract. Take a look around!

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