Polychrome is here! In addition to the Kindle link there, Polychrome is available as a Trade Paperback, on Barnes and Noble, on Smashwords, and as a very fancy hardcover with dustjacket on Lulu!
And the Castaway Odyssey eARC is now available!
REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  The snippets of Castaway Odyssey continue! Chapter 22 lets the Sergeant finally wake up, and in Chapter 23, it turns out fishing is exciting! Last two weeks: In Chapter 19, the Sergeant's down and Xander has to take charge, in Chapter 20 he has to have a serious talk with Tavana, and in Chapter 21 things seem to be getting better! Previously, in Chapter 16, the Sergeant and his charges begin the real work, in Chapter 17 they run into the first danger of the new world, and in Chapter 18, the Sergeant's in real trouble!
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