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New, FREE story in the Boundaryverse on Baen's site: "Disaster", a companion piece to Castaway Planet!
The  eARC for Castaway Planet is now available In addition, the Audible audiobook of Phoenix Rising and for Paradigms Lost are both now available!


REGULAR BLOG POSTS:  This week: Kyri and the others get a closer look at the strangely perfect city they've discovered, in Chapter 14 of Phoenix in Shadow! Last two weeks: The extended flashback is over in Chapter 11 of Phoenix in Shadow, and we get to see some new developments; then, in Chapter 12, our heroes get a huge surprise; then in Chapter 13 we look in on the Bad Guys (how apropos); in Chapter 8 of Phoenix in Shadow, the Spiritsmith's brought in a consultant, in Chapter 9 we look in on what the other side is up to; and in Chapter 10 our heroes finally arrive at Rivendream Pass! 

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