The World of Digital Knight

Ostensibly, Jason Wood's world might appear to be ours. It is, in many ways, very similar – on the surface – to our world around the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st, although a careful reading will show that it is not, quite, ours (Jason, for instance, is a computer professional but none of the brand names he uses are familiar).

But beneath and behind that surface is something much stranger. That strangeness is usually hidden, for good and sufficient reasons; but Jason Wood is an expert in uncovering that which is hidden, and that – and, perhaps, a strange and deadly destiny – increasingly brings him face to face with the truth behind his world, a series of truths that slowly change his view of everything he has ever known – everything, that is, except the use of fast wits and improvisation!

NOTE: More details in the Spoilers section!

Characters of Digital Knight

NOTE: Descriptions are general, and are for characters in the early part of the book. Describing other characters, or adding certain details, would be pretty spoilery – and those detail will of course be found in the Spoilers section.

  • Jason Wood: Fairly tall (slightly over six feet), slender, with streaked blonde hair and green eyes, Jason is an information scientist with programming skills and special talents in both photographic/image analysis and search algorithms/methods. The point-of-view character, Jason is often given to slight ironic turns of voice that recall film noir detectives, though he’s much more positive in his outlook. Jason works as a private contractor for the local police and many local companies. Unlike many of the things he eventually encounters, Jason has only quick wits and a level head, no special powers – except, possibly, the power to attract the strange and alien to his vicinity!
  • Sylvia Stake: A short (between five foot two and five foot three) pretty young lady with long black hair and a stereotype New-Age Gypsy appearance. Her often slightly Cloud-Cuckoolander behavior masks an extremely sharp and perceptive mind. “Syl” is, despite her belief in the supernatural, quite practical, hard-nosed in her approach, and does in fact have supernatural talent, most especially in sensing something dangerous or wrong.
  • Verne Domingo: Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, Verne Domingo is a relative newcomer to Morgantown. Unfailingly polite, it’s odd that he’s never been seen in the daytime…
  • Renee Reisman: No-nonsense Lieutenant in the Morgantown police forces. A good friend of Jason’s, Renee would rather deal with typical crimes, but she’s not unwilling to entertain unusual theories…
  • Elias Klein: Also a Lieutenant in Morgantown, the tall and gangly Klein seems depressed and vague, but that hides a sharp mind and keen observational skills that make him the main choice for stakeouts. The fact that he prefers night shifts also makes him popular with those who would rather see their families in normal hours.