The Fall of Faerie

When two old enemies of Oz returned – more powerful and far, far more clever and determined than before – Polychrome, the Daughter of the Rainbow, was the only one to escape. To her father she brought only two things: the declaration of the new rulers of Oz,and an enigmatic prophecy in the shape of a tiny Pink Bear. With the conquest of Oz, the new rulers now held the very heart of Faerie, and even the might of the Rainbow Kingdom could not – directly – oppose them.

Now the chance foretold is here – but it is a slender reed of hope to hold to, with no promise of victory, only a possibility of salvation... salvation that rests on both Polychrome herself and – as has always been true with Oz – a lone traveler from the mortal world. The unlikely hero must become a weapon such as Faerie has never seen, Polychrome herself must confront the responsibility she has always avoided... and even if they succeed, victory may cost them more than defeat...