On My Shelves: The Cometeers/One Against the Legion/Nowhere Near

Jack Williamson's The Legion of Space was only the first in the Legion series. As I read the Legion stories in a single omnibus edition, Three From the Legion, containing The Legion of Space, The Cometeers, One Against the Legion, and the novella Nowhere Near, I had originally planned to review the omnibus as a single book. However, I found that reviewing The Legion of Space itself was worth a complete entry. Thus, I complete my review of that omnibus in this second entry. There was a fourth Legion novel – Queen of the Legion – which I will [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: The Legion of Space

Jack Williamson published his first story in 1928. His last novel was published in 2005. His writing career thus spanned *nine decades* -- from the 1920s to the 2000s. Of all his works, the tales of the Legion of Space may be the most enduring. (Note: that link goes to the omnibus edition Three From the Legion, which is OOP but apparently widely available, and happens to also be the edition I first read the novel in) The original Legion tale, The Legion of Space, was first serialized in 1934, a contemporary of the Skylark and Lensman series [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 28

Miri had just seen something startling...   ------     Chapter 28.      Miri stepped into her guestroom at the Reflect's mansion and closed the door, leaning against it heavily. I'm shaking! Shaking like a terrified human! Her current body was human, in a way… but in all the centuries she'd been in such bodies, she'd never had such a reaction. Miri held her arm up in front of her, watched the trembling of the delicate hand, the imprecision of its movements, with stunned fascination; it took twice as long as normal [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 27

Kyri had just had a "... he's right behind me, isn't he?" moment...   ------     Chapter 27.      Tobimar tensed, and began to bring up the High Center. If things go bad, we will need all my skill. I don't know exactly what Kyri was doing there, but I could tell she just pushed herself a long ways. Poplock scuttled up his leg, even as Reflect Jenten spoke. "You imply that I –" Kyri stepped between the house and the Reflect. "Both of you, pause a moment, before accusations and fear drive you to actions that will [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 26

Our Heroes were heading north to deliver justice, which might be difficult...   ------     Chapter 26.      The echoing, many-layered murmur ahead of them was unmistakable; they had heard something similar on the day they had – with Xavier – confronted Bolthawk and Skyharrier. It was a crowd, perhaps a mob. Hiriista broke into a trotting run, his tail held high, head maintaining a steady level to guide him. Kyri sprinted alongside of him. Please, Myrionar, let us be in time! The forest opened up ahead, and a [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 25

Our friends were traveling...   -------     Chapter 25.      "Magewright Hiriista," the Artan said, his delicate features taut with concern, "I implore you and your companions to give us aid." Hiriista cocked his head, and Tobimar thought there was a miniscule smile implied. "Perhaps if you were to state your problem, my companions Tobimar and Phoenix,and I, might be able to say if we can be of any assistance. Your face is somewhat familiar, but I regret to say I do not quite recall…" "Atcha!" The sound was an [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 24

Time to look in on another old friend...   ------     Chapter 24.      The misshapen creature – a deformed, monstrous hopclaw, he thought – shrank back as the moaning blade cut through the air. But Condor leapt completely over it, cutting off its escape. One clawed arm flew off, trailing blood. The other. The creature was screaming in terror and pain now, but Condor merely grinned and continued. Try to ambush me? Learn what you pay in pain! Finally it was over – too soon, Condor thought. This unending trek through [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 23

Hiriista had asked a rather pointed question...   ------     Chapter 23.      Tobimar saw Kyri freeze, and her posture alone showed that Hiriista's question had struck home. For his part, Tobimar was mystified. He hadn't noticed anything to be wary of – although, to be fair, he hadn't been looking hard this morning. They had been pretty sure that whatever they were looking for wasn't in the immediate area. A quick glance at Poplock, and the little Toad gave a whole-body shrug. He didn't notice anything [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 22

They were finally under way, with  a new companion...   -------     Chapter 22.      "Gemcalling," Hiriista began, "is a combination of one's personal magic, alchemy, symbolism, and the channeling of power outside oneself." "Whoo. Sounds complicated," Poplock said. The four of them were seated near the cookfire; Tobimar and Kyri were taking turns watching the food as it cooked, but they were old hands at this sort of thing and clearly didn't need to focus much attention on it. "Complicated in concept, yes, and [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 21

Finally, our heroes get on the road again!   ------     Chapter 21.      Kyri took a deep breath of the morning air, which once more brought that sparkling feeling into her, something beyond the freshness of an ordinary dawn. I wonder how I'll manage to adapt to the ordinary world when we go back, she mused. Evanwyl will seem dull and grimy by comparison. Even Zarathanton may pall. The three of them stood at the eastern gate of Sha Murnitenzei, looking at the rolling hills that led off into the golden haze of dawn, [ Continue reading... ]