Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 16

Our friends had been invited to a party!     ------   Chapter 16.      "Come in," Tobimar's voice said cheerfully in response to her knock. Entering, she saw her friend's hair completely unbound, a flowing waterfall of smooth ebony startling in its length and black-shining perfection. "Balance, I know a lot of women – and a few men – who'd kill for hair like yours." "Why, thank you!" Tobimar bowed, the hair following in a smooth flow that he cast back from his face with a practiced gesture as he rose again. [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 15

Well, our heroes finally had a chance to discuss what they'd found...     ------     Chapter 15.      "I have absolutely no idea what is going on now," Tobimar said bluntly. He rubbed his temples, in the vain hope that the pressure might force the ridiculous situation to align into something he could understand. Poplock, who had finished checking the rooms to make sure there were neither magical nor mundane spies, bounced his agreement. "This makes no sense." Kyri sank into a chair as her Raiment flowed [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 14

So our friends had found something rather puzzling...     ------     Chapter 14.      Kyri forced herself to step forward, belatedly following Miri as the much smaller woman strode quickly in the direction of the beautiful city below them. She exchanged a disbelieving glance with Tobimar, and could see even Poplock's eyes wider than usual. This… makes no sense at all. Yet I can sense nothing dark. My powers may be reduced here, but they are not gone, and the only darkness I can sense at all is the forest [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 13

And what's an epic fantasy without a villain? Let's see what our Bad Guy is up to.   ------     Chapter 13.      "You are tense this morning, Lord." It raised an eyebrow and smiled. With the false Justiciars no longer free to roam Evanwyl, it no longer cared about the use of words that might reveal its secret guise; the Justiciars could no longer accidentally reveal anything. What was surprising and amusing was Bolthawk's observation, and the fact that it was true. "You see clearly, Bolthawk. How did you [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 12

  Time to get our friends THROUGH this pass and to the other side!     ------     Chapter 12.      Poplock tasted the air. Definitely more humid. "I think we're nearly down. Look at the mountains." Tobimar's gaze flicked to both sides, then he paused. "He's right, Kyri. This canyon's coming to an end, and the warmth, the feel of the air… I think we're almost there." Almost in Moonshade Hollow. It hadn't been – quite – a nonstop series of battles from one side of the pass to the other, but there [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 11

  The extended flashback is over, and new developments await!     -------       Chapter 11.      Kyri shook herself, breaking out of a reverie of remembrance, seeing again the darkness of Rivendream Pass, the serpent's corpse, the burned bush. The memories of how they had come here seeming to have streamed by her in a moment, and she shivered anew at the oppressive wrongness that now weighed upon her. "We were warned," she repeated. "Warned that even Myrionar's powers would be weakened [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 10

Kyri and the others had somewhere to go...     ------     Chapter 10.      The crumbling path stretched up, up, between slopes dotted with trees that were touched with a stronger, somehow virulent green, and then vanished into shadow cast by the mountains about. "Rivendream Pass," the Wanderer said quietly. "This is as far as my magic can take us, as close to your mystery as I can go without travelling with you." "So, will you?" Poplock asked. "Because that would be really useful, even if you're only half [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix in Shadow: Chapter 9

  It's been a while since we looked in on our villain...   -----     Chapter 9.      "All went well, then?" The light-destroying figure in the mirror-scroll smiled. "Exactly as we expected, yes," Kerlamion said in the eerie deep, howling tones of tortured air. "Condor is on his way back to you even now." It nodded, smiling; despite the human form, anyone watching would have known there was something desperately wrong from that smile alone. "Excellent, my King. I will keep an eye out for him; it would not [ Continue reading... ]

Phoenix In Shadow: Chapter 8

They were at the Spiritsmith's...     ------     Chapter 8.      "What, young Prince? You thought my skills suited only to metalwork?" The Spiritsmith was dipping a pearlescent cloth into some other liquid that shimmered like moonlight. Kyri saw Tobimar give a wry smile. "I suppose I did assume that, yes. Clearly I was mistaken." "When making armor, can one neglect the padding, the straps, the parts that make it truly wearable and secure? And if these be weak, will they not define the weakness of the [ Continue reading... ]

POLYCHROME: Chapter 30

  Our Hero was in grave danger...     ------     Chapter 30.      Polychrome stood with a jerky haste uncharacteristic of her, and Iris looked at his daughter with a raised eyebrow. "Well!" she said, a bright and brittle smile on her face. "I… don't think we should be prying into any private life of our hero!" She gestured to close the viewing pool as she walked quickly away. "I… I really should be practicing. Nimbus says I need more training!" The doors of the Rainbow Throneroom closed behind [ Continue reading... ]