Mountain Magic


Mountain Magic by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric FlintAn anthology, Mountain Magic includes the "Old Nathan" stories by David Drake, the "Hogben Family" stories by Henry Kuttner, and the short novel Diamonds Are Forever by Ryk E. Spoor and Eric Flint.

Clinton Slade's found the woman of his dreams – brilliant, opinionated, beautiful, and tough Jodi Goldman – and his family's all set to meet the girl that's captured the heart of the first of the Slades to ever go to college. But the Slades have a secret, and Clint's afraid they can't hide it from Jodi. But what he doesn't realize is that the secret they're hiding could cost his family their lives – and devastate half a dozen states!

Diamonds Are Forever is what one might call "backwoods fantasy" – there's no "urban" for it to be "urban fantasy" but it takes place in the same intersection between our world and something far stranger and vastly more ancient. Eric and I wrote it as an independent story, but in theory it could be linked to my first novel, Digital Knight.

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