eARC of Phoenix Rising is Now Available!!



Anyone who just can't wait to get to the end? Well, go here and buy the electronic Advance Reader's Copy of Phoenix Rising!

For those unaware, an eARC is a near-finished version of the book (missing only last-minute galley proof edits, such as I'm working on now). It does include the cover image, maps, etc. that would be in the final printed version.

And yes, it's expensive for an eBook. You're paying the premium to look at it before anyone else can. If you want the cheap version, you have to wait until November. 🙂



  1. Dana Crom says:

    Downloaded, and 80% through. Pesky thing called “work” means that I can’t finish until tonight.

    No snerks (well, one – “Balanced Meal” – heh!) but well worth the premium. Now in impatient wait mode for the other pending books to come out.

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