Castaway Planet: Chapter 14

  Sakura was safe now, time for a little aftermath and a discovery...     ------     Chapter 14                   Whips wallowed his body back and forth, feeling the coral-based sand squish reassuringly under him. "Hm. That will be good." It had been quite a while since he built a land-nest—years ago, when he and his father had gone on a camping trip with the Kimeis, and that was long enough that he'd had to think about just how you did this right. His first attempt, about three [ Continue reading... ]

The Ethical Magical Girl: Princess Holy Aura — Teaser Chapter

  Because I've had a lot of questions about this new novel (hopefully series), I'm posting the current first chapter which should at least give an idea of what's to come. Of course, at this early stage there's no guarantee that this will still be the first chapter, or that this chapter won't change some as time goes on, but the basic concepts will be there!   ------ The Ethical Magical Girl, Volume 1: Princess Holy Aura   Chapter 1.       The screaming came from the alley to Steve's right; it was high-pitched, the [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 13

  Sakura had discovered the local wildlife was not harmless...   ------     Chapter 13            Laura restrained the urge to leap forward. Panic would not help her. Even as she scanned the data from Sakura's internal medical nanos, she categorized the symptoms of the shaky girl. Skin reddening… pupils dilating… heart rate increasing. Sakura was also looking dizzy, disoriented. The data from the nanos confirmed her guess. "It's a hyoscyamine derivative, something like atropine. And a [ Continue reading... ]

Polychrome: Chapter 23

Back to Our Hero, who is out there looking for allies...     -------     Chapter 23.      The gates of the city of Gilgad stood wide before us, a full fifty feet high in a wall of white and black marble. The wide street continued on, with houses and larger buildings visible, street vendors, and hundreds of people bustling about the city's business. "You should be safe here, Amrin. At least as long as anyone is, and I hope that will turn out to be a long, long time." I shook his hand. "Many, many thanks, [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 12

Time to take a real look around their new home!       ------     Chapter 12.                   "No, Akira, you keep it," Laura said, pressing the pistol into her husband's hand. Whips could see he was still reluctant. "But you're the one going –" "I'm the only one here who actually knows how to fight. Police background, remember? And Whips is coming with me and Sakura on the scouting expedition, so that means that you'll need something to protect yourselves with while you get [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 11

  Hey, they're into Chapter 11! (yeah, okay, cheap joke). Time for the castaways to take stock of their situation...     ------       Chapter 11            "The seven wilderness survival principles," Melody said, obviously looking at her omni's display, "are positive mental attitude, first aid, shelter, fire, signaling, water, and food." "Not a bad list," Sakura said, dusting off a nearby chunk of coral-rock to sit on, "but some of that won't work. Signaling isn't going to [ Continue reading... ]

Polychrome: Chapter 22

  And now we see what Ugu's reaction is to his forces' first brush with the True Mortal...   ------       Chapter 22.      "And so I will be sending several Hands of Temblors, perhaps even of Infernos, to teach a lesson to –" "SILENCE!" roared the King. Mombi stared at Ugu in confusion. "Y… Your Majesty?" He pointed his finger down at her and muttered two ancient words. The old witch, dressed in finery terribly unbecoming to her, suddenly hopped as though standing on red-hot coals. "Ow! [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 10

  They had just had an unexpected and utterly bizarre disaster...     ------     Chapter 10                  Laura stared in uncomprehending shock. Bobbing ever so slightly, the vast wall of dark, wet stone still loomed up less than a kilometer distant. The piece that had fallen from it—a solid mass the size of a skyscraper—should have been towering over them even nearer. There was no possible way that the lagoon before them could have been two hundred meters deep, no, not even a tenth of [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 9

  Now that they're down and alive, time to do some exploring!   ------     Chapter 9            "Okay, Sakura, now cycle the lock again, exhausting to the outside." Whips wasn't taking any chances. Before letting anyone step out of the shuttle, he wanted Dr. Kimei and her husband to check the air readings. So they'd put Laura Kimei's omni, which had a lot of built-in sensors for medical purposes, into the starboard airlock, let it open to the outer air, and left it there for an hour to [ Continue reading... ]

Polychrome: Chapter 21

Well, Our Hero had finally embarked on his real Adventure...     ------     Chapter 21.      I walked straight to the East, not looking back. Not daring to look back for a while. It had been almost impossible not to just blurt it all out, looking at her then, when I knew I might die before reaching Oz, that this might be the last time I saw her. But she didn't need that burden, even if it was something she wanted to hear, which I really didn't think she did. I was pretty sure she did like me as a friend, [ Continue reading... ]