Castaway Planet: Chapter 3

Well, things had gone rather pear-shaped, as the British might say...     -----     Chapter 3     Sakura clamped her jaw shut to keep from screaming as LS-5 whirled into the void. She gripped the arms of the pilot's chair convulsively. She heard herself muttering, "Oh my God, oh my God…" and her mother and father both whispering something that sounded very similar. The whirling, dizzy, uncontrolled spin lasted only a few moments; automatic stabilizer jets fired momentarily and then cut [ Continue reading... ]

Paradigms Lost: Chapter 44

Jason has to do a bit of political outreach...       -----     Chapter 44: Paternity and Possibility "Senator MacLain?" The voice on the other end was as distinctive over the phone as it was in public address or on television: precise, educated, a pleasant yet cool voice that carried both authority and intelligence—it reminded me somehow of Katharine Hepburn. "This is Paula MacLain. Mr. Jason Wood?" "Yes, ma'am. I don't know if you know who I am—" "Young man, if I didn't, I wouldn't be speaking [ Continue reading... ]

Polychrome: Chapter 18

Iris had said he had some sort of final task for Erik...     -----     Chapter 18.      I felt the chill of the morning deep in my bones as I awoke. I never liked camping as a kid, and I don't like it any better now. Who was it who said that adventures were unpleasant things happening to people a long way away? I dragged myself out of the little tent and onto the remainder of the little shelf of rock I was on. I wasn't sure of the point of this little exercise, but you generally didn't argue with Iris [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 2

So, it was just one more drill in a series of drills...     ------     Chapter 2            Laura smiled as she dropped through the entry hatch to see that her husband, Akira, had just finished strapping Hitomi into her crash seat. The seven-year-old was behaving very well, clutching her winged-wolf plush and pretending it was flying back and forth in front of her, but otherwise sitting still. "You made good time," she said, giving Hitomi's inexplicably blonde hair a ruffle and kissing Akira on the cheek as [ Continue reading... ]

Paradigms Lost: Chapter 43

Jason had made a deal that made him nervous...     -----   Chapter 43: Beware of Spooks Leaving Gifts I stared down at the disk in my hand. The fact that it contained possibly treasonous information made it seem as heavy as lead. But, unfortunately, it wasn't the worst of the things I had to deal with. My date with Sylvie last night, our third "real" date, had been bittersweet at best. We were happy to be together finally, but another fact overshadowed our enjoyment: despite three days of careful work, Syl, Verne, [ Continue reading... ]

Castaway Planet: Chapter 1

And now a new adventure begins in the universe of Boundary, some considerable time in the future...   -----   CASTAWAY PLANET By Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor   Chapter 1              Sakura Kimei lay as still as possible on the set of pipes, listening for the creature's approach. It could be very near. She gripped the weapon in her right hand and steadied herself with her left, trying to breathe as quietly as possible. Not for the first time, she was grateful that she was still "skinny as a rail," as her [ Continue reading... ]

Paradigms Lost: Chapter 42

Jason had asked for some help...   -----       Chapter 42: Reaching Limits TO:{Jason Wood}
 FROM:{The Jammer} 

Did you have ANY idea what kind of mess you were trying to get me into? No, let me revise that. Do you have ANY idea what THAT kind of mess can do to me?

Dammit, Wood. This guy's an international fugitive and you want me to give him a bulletproof ID? What are you mixed up in THIS time? So there were limits to what the Jammer would take casually. Nice [ Continue reading... ]

Polychrome: Chapter 17

A King must consider his actions...   -----   Chapter 17.      Iris Mirabilis looked down from the balcony at the very top of his castle, moonlight streaming down and turning the blue-gray skystone to silver. Far below, he watched a small blonde-haired figure in a private courtyard, practicing cuts and jumps and rolls, sometimes stopping to indulge in strange sequences of movements that did not immediately make sense to him. Iris raised his gaze slightly, noticed another figure, slight and swathed in shifting rainbow hues, [ Continue reading... ]

Paradigms Lost: Chapter 41

  Jason had made a rather startling discovery...   -----     Chapter 41: Worries and Joys Verne and Kafan stared at the reprinted articles, while Sylvie peeked over their shoulders. "H'alate," muttered Verne. "This is most inconvenient." "Maybe not quite as bad as it seems." I said. Verne had looked like Death warmed over when he came in, but that might have been the yellow street lights. He looked a little better, here in the office, than he had yesterday. I hoped that meant he was taking it easy. "With [ Continue reading... ]

Paradigms Lost: Chapter 40

Jason had some sleuthing to do...     -----     Chapter 40: Solve One Problem, Get Two Free! I frowned at the faces on my screen. One was definitely nonhuman; Tai as he'd be if he changed. Seb's inhumanity was less obvious, though it was still there in subtle ways. The other two were how the children looked in their human guise. This was my first look at the pictures with a really clear head; after going over the details with Kafan several times, I'd wandered around my house sort of in a daze before finally going [ Continue reading... ]