Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 14

Today, our hero Holly faces her most daunting challenge yet: High School! ----- PART II: AWAKENING THE MAIDENS   Chapter 14.      She stood in the cool September morning, watching as the yellow school bus grumbled its way up to her driveway, and felt an eerie sense of frightened déjà vu. It had been almost twenty years since the last time Stephen Russ had boarded such a bus, and the memories of that and earlier bus rides wasn't a pleasant memory to recall. Maybe I should've talked about that with Silvertail. The faint whiff of diesel [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 13

Even heroes can get a case of nerves before a big day...   -----     Chapter 13. "Holly? You need to go to sleep!" Mr. Owen said, looking in and seeing her sitting at her computer. Holly sighed, tried to smile and failed. "I can't sleep, Dad . . . Silvertail." The confusion that had made her change the name she used threatened to overwhelm her. Sometimes I almost forget being Steve Russ, and that terrifies me beyond words. He sat down in one of the other chairs, pushing back the graying black hair that needed a [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 12

Why don't we take a look at the OTHER side in this conflict? -----     Chapter 12. The door opened. The shape that stood outlined in the faint light from the hallway was subtly wrong; something about the length of arm, joints, stance, said this was nothing that belonged in so mundane a place. But despite its alien nature, it hesitated, unsure. "What news?" The voice from within the room was a warm contralto. At first, a human might have found it welcoming. But beneath the voice was something else, as inhuman as the figure [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 11

Something had interrupted Holly and Trayne's day out...   -----     Chapter 11. Holly dove reflexively to the side, rolling and pushing herself up against the wall, and saw Silvertail—Mr. Owen—already in the corner. The black mass flowed, an avalanche of night, and abruptly red and blue and yellow eyes appeared along the shapeless flanks, uncountable mouths opened, and a gibbering laughter echoed from them all, in voices from ear-piercingly high to basso profundo growls that shuddered through the air. The tide of [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura

Holly Owen was practicing being herself...   -----     Chapter 10.      "Nice to get out of the house!" Holly said, probably for the fourth time in the last hour now that she thought of it. But it was true. The last few weeks had been spent mostly indoors, practicing the many different aspects of just being a teenage girl . . . and learning the pitfalls. These included mundane annoyances like finding that a five-foot-seven-inch teenage girl couldn't reach shelves that Stephen Russ at over six feet had no trouble [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 9

They moved out, it's obvious they need to move IN somewhere... -----   Chapter 9.      Steve looked around the huge furnished basement again, trying to distract himself from what he was about to do. "Dang, I still can't believe we're living in this place. Thousands of square feet, including this, what, cut-price Danger Room?" "Call it a practice room or perhaps dojo," Silvertail, who was now in the shape of 'Trayne Owen'—a tall, slender, distinguished looking gentleman with black hair touched with pure silver at the temples, [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 8

Well, time to see how they can address these problems...     Chapter 8.      "You're leaving?" A sharp stab of guilt made Steve wince. "Yeah. I'm sorry, guys. I'll really miss our games, getting together to hang out, all of that." Dex looked particularly shellshocked by the sudden announcement, which only made it worse. His parents aren't bad, but they just aren't on his wavelength, and I'm one of the few people that really gets along with him. Anne, on the other hand, looked excited. "You've gotten another [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 7

Steve had confronted Silvertail with a very new wrinkle in this little charade they're going to play... -----     Chapter 7.      Steve had to admit there was a vast satisfaction in seeing the patrician features of Varatraine nee Silvertail go slack-jawed with shock. "Er . . . I beg your pardon?" I need something to keep my mind off the other issues. This conversation hasn't fixed them, just . . . temporarily reduced my panic mode. "You haven't thought this part through, Silvertail. Oh, if it's easier for you, you can pop [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 6

Well, the first battle has been fought; now comes the aftermath, which may be harder than the fight was! -----     Chapter 6.      Silvertail watched tensely as the pact was fulfilled and Princess Holy Aura was finally reborn. Let it work, he prayed. In the name of all we have sacrificed, in the name of all that was and could be, let this not be a failure. With eyes that could see what ordinary mortals could not, he watched as Stephen Russ' mortal frame dissolved in light, a core of brilliance forming into a new shape both [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 5

Well, he'd gone and done it now... time for the henshin (transformation) sequence! -----     Chapter 5.      The silver burst from his body and he became the light, flying outward, making a universe of argent and white touched with rainbows, a whirling cyclone of light that chimed and rang and sang a song of triumph and rebirth. Steve felt a body reforming, electric warmth like a hot shower on a cold, cold day curling around and defining every line, every curve that was coalescing from pure light, tingling like a brush of [ Continue reading... ]