Probably no big updates this weekend…

  ... since it's Mother's Day. :) [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: Metal Fighter Miku

  There are shows and books you can describe in a capsule form and the coolness of the idea is immediately apparent: "Test pilot crashes and is rebuilt with super-cybernetics for a top-secret agency", "Valley Girl discovers she's destined to be The Slayer, mystical warrior against vampires and other demonic forces", "Ancient Egyptian artifact turns out to be an alien gateway".   Then there are those in which the capsule form ranges from the stupid to the "what drugs are you ON?". For example, "In the future, the most popular sport [ Continue reading... ]

UNDER the INFLUENCE: The Six Million Dollar Man

Steve Austin. Astronaut. A man barely alive. "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. We can make him better than he was before. Better… stronger… faster."        There is a saying in SF Fandom: "The Golden Age of Science Fiction is 12." The idea – and a fairly strong one – is that the SF that you encounter around that age (from say 10 to 14), when you are forming your own tastes clearly for the first time – will become one of the [ Continue reading... ]

Welcome to My New Website

Hi! Welcome to the first entry of my blog. I'm Ryk E. Spoor; click the "About Ryk E. Spoor" tab if you want way too much info on me. What's important in regards to this blog is that I'm a science-fiction and fantasy writer with, at present, five published novels and three more under contract. My most prominent works are Grand Central Arena, a space opera novel in the Golden Age tradition (or so I like to think) and the Boundary series with Eric Flint, a hard-sf science-adventure (blame any failure in hardness on me, not on any advisors or [ Continue reading... ]