Spheres of Influence: CHAPTER 1

    And so we begin the snippeting of Spheres of Influence, leading up to the release of the novel in mid-August!   ------     Chapter 1. The slender blond man glanced up from his desk, startled – DuQuesne had, of course, been suppressing the station security systems. Couldn't take a chance that someone would be warned, if things had gone bad.        The startled look immediately gave way to caution. "Stop right there, please."        DuQuesne stopped immediately; Ariane did the same. He saw [ Continue reading... ]


This is a chapter from a partially-completed story which basically tells us how Marc DuQuesne (from Grand Central Arena) came to be the way he is -- how Hyperion MADE him that way.  I think I previously posted these on my Livejournal a couple years ago, but they should really be up on my main site, here. I'll probably post what I have of this story; whether I'll FINISH it I don't know; it gets AWFULLY grim for my taste, even if the main character is going to survive.   HYPERION ORIGIN By Ryk E. Spoor i.        He pushed his way [ Continue reading... ]