French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 6

Dylan had blacked out after an unexpected savior had shown up... -----   Chapter 6. New York City, 1980 Darkness. Pain. Memories of a chair pushing through something that ripped and crunched and screamed. He sat up with a gasp – and knew right away that was a mistake, because pain ripped through him from his toes to his scalp. He sagged back into the cushions but let his eyes open. He did feel cushions. In a bed. Turning his head, he realized it was a hospital bed. Metal railing, obviously adjustable. The faint beep-beep of [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 5

Dylan was having a not-pleasant-at-all flashback... -----   Chapter 5. New York City, 1980 Darkness gave way to awareness and a tight, painful feeling in his chest. Slowly, Dylan cracked open his eyes. He was lying on his side, in tall grass, back up against a small hard surface. Three tall shadows stood around him, two nearby, their reflective silvery eyes focused on him. The third stood a few feet away; he drove a shovel into the earth, and scooped away heaps of dirt as he dug a shallow grave. Struggling for breath, Dylan [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 4

Dylan's about to have a flashback to a not-very-happy day... -----     Chapter 4. New York City, 2010/1980 Didn't I promise myself I'd never drink the blood of others? Dylan thought to himself. Immediately his brain responded, This blood is donated, from volunteers. It's not like I'm eating from a fresh kill. It's fine, and I really need some tonight. Yeah, good work on that rationalization, brain, Dylan thought, as he stared at the Doc Sacco's patio garden and thick vine covered lattice. The ghoul lived in a basement [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 3

Dylan and his friends had just heard horrifying news about Paris... -----     Chapter 3. New York City, 2010 For a moment, the entire table went silent, everyone staring at Douglas. Finally, Dylan managed to speak. "Kilotons… A nuke?" His gut churned. Both Sacco and Daniel looked just as horrified as Dylan felt. "Who in their right mind would nuke the frogs? Not that they've done anything useful. When was the last time they won a war?" "Does that matter?" Sacco said. His face was grave. "What horrible news." He [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 2

Dylan had sensed something, but didn't know what... -----     Chapter 2. New York City, 2010 It was later in the evening, and after dropping Angelus off at the SoHo Rehab Center, Dylan found his way to McSorley's Old Ale House. It was an old pub, dating back to 1853, and a constant, reliable landmark for the older members of the Rehab staff Dylan had befriended. It was an historic ale house with well-used wooden furniture that had seen better days; varnish was worn away in places, and the tables never had chairs that [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 1

Time to meet our other main character (who will dominate for a while -- our first protagonist seems to have ended up in a bit of trouble already!)   -----     Chapter 1. New York City, 2010 It was a brisk autumn evening, and Central Park was lit by its swan-necked street lamps with decorative heads. The sun had set, casting long shadows across the winding tarmac sidewalks and dirt paths. The air was ominously still, and very few people were out on this early October evening. Not that Dylan O'Reily, once of Texas, [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Prologue

This begins snippets of French Roast Apocalypse, the first book in the Fall of Veils series by Kathleen Moffre-Spoor and myself. This is an unusual urban fantasy style series which I can sorta describe as "Supernatural meets Being Human meets Cheers, if Cheers was in a coffee bar". The series combines the day-to-day lives of beings normally called "monsters" as they try to live in our world without drawing attention with underlying plots and events that call for action to protect individuals, cities, and perhaps even the world itself. I hope [ Continue reading... ]