Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 6

Well, the first battle has been fought; now comes the aftermath, which may be harder than the fight was! -----     Chapter 6.      Silvertail watched tensely as the pact was fulfilled and Princess Holy Aura was finally reborn. Let it work, he prayed. In the name of all we have sacrificed, in the name of all that was and could be, let this not be a failure. With eyes that could see what ordinary mortals could not, he watched as Stephen Russ' mortal frame dissolved in light, a core of brilliance forming into a new shape both [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 2

We continue snippets of my forthcoming Magical Girl-based novel. When we left off, Steve had been asked to do something that seemed physically impossible... -----     Chapter 2.      Steve goggled down at the slightly oversized rat with its overly-shiny white fur, tiny golden crown, sitting on his hind legs and regarding Steve with a far too knowing look. "Become what?" "Mystic Galaxy Defender, Princess Holy Aura," Silvertail repeated calmly. The repetition of the ridiculous phrase left Steve speechless. He would have [ Continue reading... ]

Just For Fun: Here’s the detailed drawing…

... of the image partially seen on the cover of Princess Holy Aura! Original by Morinekozion, of course!   [ Continue reading... ]

The Ethical Magical Girl: Princess Holy Aura — Teaser Chapter

  Because I've had a lot of questions about this new novel (hopefully series), I'm posting the current first chapter which should at least give an idea of what's to come. Of course, at this early stage there's no guarantee that this will still be the first chapter, or that this chapter won't change some as time goes on, but the basic concepts will be there!   ------ The Ethical Magical Girl, Volume 1: Princess Holy Aura   Chapter 1.       The screaming came from the alley to Steve's right; it was high-pitched, the [ Continue reading... ]