Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 30

The tyrpiglynt was now on the loose... -----   Chapter 30.      Silvertail felt the fur rising on his back even before his more conscious senses recognized the surge in power from within the building that the girls had run into. Oh, no, Lemuria's Memory, no . . . It was the merest flicker of motion, a motion only eyes like his own could have seen, but he knew instantly that the worst scenario was now upon them. A Mirrortaint was now free, and in a crowd . . . a crowd whose emotions and lifeforce would not only feed it, but mask [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 29

They'd figured out who they needed to talk to... -----   Chapter 29.      Holly shivered a little, then pulled her coat tighter. "Jeez, I'd forgotten how cold it gets sitting in the bleachers." "Did you forget how boring this is?" Seika muttered to her, barely audible over the cheers and other shouts as Whitney High's White Lions contested with Columbia's Blue Devils. "You don't know anything about football, do you? This is a pretty good game." Seika gave her a scandalized look. "You call yourself a geek and you like football? [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 27

Silvertail had some investigation to do... -----     Chapter 27.      Silvertail wriggled harder, and managed to get his furry shoulders through the small hole near the foundation of the school. That accomplished, he could easily drag the rest of himself through. It is fortunate that rats can fit through any hole their heads can go through. He had parked the car at a nearby restaurant. Making his way to the school from there, mostly in rat form, was the real challenge. Proportionately, rats were faster than humans—but [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 26

Holly had a new friend who was an old friend, and a new conundrum...   -----     Chapter 26.      "Okay, I like that," Nikki said with a grin. Tierra looked confused. "Is there a joke in Dex's character's name? I don't get it." "Seriously?" Holly said. "Geraldine 'Geri' Rigger? Never heard the term 'jerry-rig' or 'jury-rig'?" "Nope." "Basically," Dex began, then stopped as he realized Holly and Seika had already started speaking—both of whom stopped at the same time. After a couple of "oh, wait, sorry" [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 25

Well, now that Seika's parents hadn't killed them, life had to go on...     Chapter 25.      "I can't believe it's this cold!" Holly said, shivering even within the thick, puffy blue coat she was wearing. "It was seventy three days ago!" "Welcome to New York," Tierra said with a smirk, shoving the door open ahead of her and holding it to let the others pass. A tall blonde girl zipped in between Holly and Seika, muttering a quick "'Scuse me!" and then sprinted down the hallway, causing one of the guards to call ineffectually [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 24

They were explaining the situation to Seika's parents... -----     Chapter 24. "Both died a while back, honestly. Look, I know this is all crazy and you're going to need a lot of time to adjust, but there's one more big bomb we've got to drop on you." "Another?" Dave looked torn between amusement and outrage. "More than changing the whole world we've known and telling us Seika's some kind of . . . magical soldier-girl?" "Sorry, sir, but yes, and if we don't tell you . . . it's all about the willing sacrifice, right? I [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 23

As Seika had noted, telling her parents was going to be the hard part of this...       Chapter 23.      "Well, Trayne? You called this meeting, it's your show," Mrs. Cooper said. "Little Van's over with one of his friends for the night." Marilynn Cooper was almost as petite as her husband was huge, but she had her daughter's sharp gaze and an adult aura of responsibility. Both parents are formidable, Silvertail thought. And both must be our allies in what is to come. He thought of how badly this could end, and cringed [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 22

They'd survived the night, but there were some more dangerous waters ahead... -----     Chapter 22.      "Seika's been looking forward to coming over so much," Mr. Cooper said, with a broad smile. "She could barely wait to get into the car. Thought she might just run over here herself!" Holly smiled back, as did Trayne Owen. But inside, Holly felt roiling nervous tension that was taking everything she had to hide. I'm so worried . . . Worried that Seika would run away when she learned the truth. It shocked Holly how much [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 21

Well, they'd beaten the monster, but sometimes that's just the start of the problems... _____     Chapter 21.      "Daddy!" Holly jumped up from the stiff-backed plastic chair that sat on one side of the simple table and leapt into Mr. Owen's somewhat startled embrace with such force that even the much taller man was almost knocked over. She was disconcerted to realize how little of her joy and relief was feigned, and how much of it was real. For a moment . . . it was like having my father show up when I needed him most. [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 20

Holly was in a battle... -----   Chapter 20.      Take care of Seika. The words had been thought to Silvertail simply, but he was used to seeing what lay behind the words; Holly would not tell him to do, or not do, anything else, but she knew, or thought she knew, what had to happen now. Count on me, he replied, and knew that she understood completely. Seika cooperated by backing away quickly from the two combatants, placing her back against one of the classroom doors. It was simple to use his magic to cause the door to [ Continue reading... ]