Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 18

Holly had made a friend, so let's go forward a bit in time...     Chapter 18.      "I push the door open slowly," Seika said, miming the action across the broad table. Her voice echoed in the mostly deserted cafeteria, giving an appropriate overtone to her words. Holly glanced at the other three members of the Steampunk Adventure Club. "Any of you doing anything while the Countess opens the door?" Caitlin Modofori shrugged. "Iron Jake's got his flux baton ready, but other than that he's just watching." "By my [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: King Khan

       King Khan is a novel by Harry Connolly, author of Child of Fire and other stories in the Twenty Palaces universe. I've reviewed Child of Fire elsewhere, and as I said there it was an excellent read, but riding my tolerance for dark material closely, presenting a gritty, horrific universe where even the protagonist can't avoid getting his hands … and the rest of him… dirty in more ways than one.        King Khan is almost the polar opposite of the Twenty Palaces universe. While Harry's deft mastery of language is still [ Continue reading... ]