On My Shelves: Girl Genius

Soldier: Herr Baron! We need you! All the experiments have either been let loose or turned on! And everything's on FIRE! Baron Wulfenbach(facepalming): Unbelievable.   Agatha Clay is having a bad day. In the steampunk city of Beetleburg, where she's a not-very-good student at Transylvania Polygnostic Institute, she encounters a strange electrical anomaly, runs from that, is robbed by two out-of-work soldiers who steal the locket that's her only memento of her parents, and arrives – late – to discover that Baron Wulfenbach, ruler of [ Continue reading... ]

On My (Virtual) Shelves: GrrlPower

Sydney: "Inverse Ninja! Inverse Ninja!" Vehemence: "… Heed your genre-savvy protégé, Colonel; the main event is indeed about to start."   A webcomic by Dave Barrack that started back in 2010, GrrlPower updates twice a week. A superhero comic, it focuses on a predominantly female cast and is specifically centered on the mystery and (mis)adventures of Sydney Scoville, a rail-thin, ADHD (medicated, and the medication isn't strong enough), genius ultra-geek girl in a world where comics aren't the only place where you'll see [ Continue reading... ]

On My (Virtual) Shelves: Homestuck

  "A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, 2009, is this young man's birthday. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name!"   So begins Homestuck. Homestuck is a phenomenon. It's not precisely a webcomic, although it started as one. It's not a video game, although there are games embedded in it and it starts with the obvious conceit that you are playing a videogame called "Homestuck"; the opening quote is the text of the first page [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: Weapon Brown

  "I've got a lot of names, depending on who you ask. I'll let you call me Chuck. I kill for a living. There's a lot of guys in my line of work, and they're all cheaper than me. If all you want is to put a hole in somebody, you hire one of them.  But if you want to take out a tank crew of battle-hardened scum and fall asleep knowing they died screaming -- you call good ol' Weapon Brown."   Holy. Crap.   There are few things that leave me speechless upon encountering them. WEAPON BROWN is one.   I ran into this [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: Schlock Mercenary

  Unnamed amorphous creature:"Hi, I'm here to enlist." Der Trihs: "You can't. You're not human. You see, little fella, we don't do sociological stuff like 'Interspeciated Workplaces'. We're a crack team of space mercenaries. We do 'hurting people' and 'breaking things'." Amorphous creature (taking a plasma cannon from its own mouth and pointing it at Dehr Trihs): "Sounds like my kind of fun." Der Trihs: "When can you start?"        I don't remember who first pointed me at Schlock Mercenary, but that's how it starts; the [ Continue reading... ]

On My Shelves: Namesake

       A little less than two years ago, something startling and magical began: a webcomic called Namesake. I discovered it very shortly after it started, and it immediately became one of my favorites – shortly thereafter becoming my absolute favorite webcomic, even outracing the formidable competition of Schlock Mercenary (which I will be discussing in another entry) and Girl Genius (ditto). As they recently released, through Kickstarter, a hardcopy of the first volume, Namesake is now truly On My Shelves.        Namesake is the [ Continue reading... ]