French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 2

Dylan had sensed something, but didn't know what... -----     Chapter 2. New York City, 2010 It was later in the evening, and after dropping Angelus off at the SoHo Rehab Center, Dylan found his way to McSorley's Old Ale House. It was an old pub, dating back to 1853, and a constant, reliable landmark for the older members of the Rehab staff Dylan had befriended. It was an historic ale house with well-used wooden furniture that had seen better days; varnish was worn away in places, and the tables never had chairs that [ Continue reading... ]

Demons of the Past: REVELATION, Chapter 4

So Varan and Jearsen had decided to take the plunge... ----     Chapter 4. Varan: The red target shimmered and exploded just a split-second before the blue. I was, unfortunately, blue. "And that," Diorre said gleefully, tossing back her red-gold hair, "makes it even, Navy Commander Varan." I tried to look offended, but found myself laughing instead. She deserved a little triumph there, as usually I beat her soundly in Doubles Targets. "Yes, it certainly does, Guard Sergeant First Jearsen." Then I pulled her head down the [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Chapter 1

Time to meet our other main character (who will dominate for a while -- our first protagonist seems to have ended up in a bit of trouble already!)   -----     Chapter 1. New York City, 2010 It was a brisk autumn evening, and Central Park was lit by its swan-necked street lamps with decorative heads. The sun had set, casting long shadows across the winding tarmac sidewalks and dirt paths. The air was ominously still, and very few people were out on this early October evening. Not that Dylan O'Reily, once of Texas, [ Continue reading... ]

Demons of the Past:REVELATION, Chapter 3

Varan and Jearsen had come to a belated personal realization... ------     Chapter 3. Varan: "And that makes it three for three," I said with some satisfaction. Diorre burst out laughing. "Okay, Sash, I'm well and truly beaten. Couldn't you have let me win just one?" "I might have, if it hadn't been for the 'wussy Navy boy' bit. The pride of the service required I put a Guard in her place." "Very impressive," a clear contralto voice said from behind us. I was startled to see the Eönwyl there. "Thanks very much. How [ Continue reading... ]

Demons of the Past: REVELATION, Chapter 2

Yes, I posted about 5 chapters of this... a couple of years back. This snippeting will go a lot farther. Varan had met up unexpectedly with an old friend... -----     Chapter 2. Jearsen: She looked fondly at Varan. He hasn't changed a bit. Perhaps in pure matter of fact that wasn't exactly true, but she was hard-put to find a difference. The Mada officer's hair was still pure black (slightly matted with damp after their sparring session and the subsequent quick shower), his skin still the dusky brown, and his wide, [ Continue reading... ]

French Roast Apocalypse: Prologue

This begins snippets of French Roast Apocalypse, the first book in the Fall of Veils series by Kathleen Moffre-Spoor and myself. This is an unusual urban fantasy style series which I can sorta describe as "Supernatural meets Being Human meets Cheers, if Cheers was in a coffee bar". The series combines the day-to-day lives of beings normally called "monsters" as they try to live in our world without drawing attention with underlying plots and events that call for action to protect individuals, cities, and perhaps even the world itself. I hope [ Continue reading... ]

Demons of the Past: REVELATION Prologue and Chapter 1

Demons of the Past: REVELATION will be published in early April by Double Dragon Press. Thus, it's time to start snippeting this first volume of my space-opera trilogy!   *****   Demons of the Past: REVELATION by Ryk E. Spoor   Prologue:      The Atlantaean Empire was falling. It was a colossal empire, stretching across uncounted millions of worlds from one side of the barred-spiral that would one day be called the Milky Way to the other, one hundred thousand light-years and more under a single, never-changing [ Continue reading... ]

On Writing: The Problem of Series, OR Why Isn’t This As AWESOME As The Last One?

It's happened to all of us: we find the first book in a new series and it's awesome – it's filled to bursting with cool imagery and characters and concepts, and we race through the book and then come to the end, saying "what? But I want MORE!". And then we get the sequel, and that's … a good book. I mean, maybe it's a really good book. But somehow there seems to be something missing, it's just not quite the slam-bang awesome you remember from the first book. But hey, authors can have off days, right, and this was still pretty good. So you [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 33

In this final snippet, Procelli found he had been suckered... -----     Chapter 33.      Silvertail felt a cold, cold smile crossing his tiny face as he saw the Mirrortaint stagger back in disbelief. "But . . . how . . ." Seika's face was radiant with understanding. "It was you, not Cordelia's father! But he sensed the distress—" Silvertail locked gazes with Procelli, and he could see fear in the defiant Mirrortaint's eyes. "I merely allowed myself to remember the day I gave my daughter to this fate . . . and let my fear [ Continue reading... ]

Princess Holy Aura: Chapter 32

Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse, and they were bad enough already...   Chapter 32.      Even as that happened, Procelli loomed somehow larger, though his physical form changed not a bit. "Another wish granted," he said with a slasher smile, turning to Holy Aura. She could see Cordy, now in her father's embrace, but her face showed only the shock and anguish and confusion of the impossible; even a father's presence could only do so much. "You . . . obscene . . . thing," she choked out, unable to even form a proper [ Continue reading... ]